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The Ultimate Biohack

- What determines how we feel? How do we look? How we age? Who gets sick? Who stays vibrant?


- We may be taking our supplements and working out; but its what’s right for some of us, right for the rest of us?


- Why are some people more vulnerable to illness while some of us thrive throughout our lives?


These are just a few things that can tell us about our biology. But I bet your PCP is not looking at these factors on your yearly physical!










We evaluate risk for diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and other common diseases, as well as detect hidden imbalances in your genetic, nutritional and hormonal profiles that could be affecting your ability to perform at your best in the bedroom, the boardroom, or on the playing field. Our clients then work one-on-one with a professional implementation team, including a nutritionist and integrative health coach, to ensure they are fulfilling their peak potential.


Longevity Biohack brings a dynamic set of diagnostic tools and biomedical interventions designed by leading Integrative Physician and Angeleno/Modern Luxury Beverly Hills Magazine Power Players of 2018 Dr. Ramon De La Puerta MD, DACM, created to provide a deep insight into your biology, beyond your typical blood tests, and the ideal medications, supplements, diet, sleep, exercise and lifestyle that will not only impact your lifespan, but alter the way you live your life and how you feel TODAY!



"We ask our patients what matters to them, not what’s the matter with them? Because we want them to be busy living their life to the fullest, not worrying about their health"


Stop wondering what to do, what trend to follow or what to avoid!


The right diagnostics, coupled with expert interpretation can make a world of difference!


Let me help!


Ramon De La Puerta, MD, DACM



"Pichilingue beach is the beautiful setting four our anti-aging retreat"

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Dr. Ramon De La Puerta, MD, DACM

Program includes:


  • Saliva kit (prior to coming) to determine your genetic code

  • Consultation with an expert in regenerative and anti-aging medicine at the beginning and at the end of the programme

  • Initial laboratory test

  • Oxitest (oxidative stress test to determine the level of oxidation in the body)

  • Consultation with an expert in nutrition and natural therapies

  • Diet according to the prescription

  • Nutrition follow-up during the stay

  • Natural therapeutic drinks, according to the prescription

  • Genetic Well-Being Study (includes 100 polymorphisms SNP: weight control, detox, cardiovascular health, bone health, physical exercise and injuries, dental health, mental health and skin health

  • Derma-aesthetic consultation

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation

  • 3x traditional Chinese Medicine treatment session, according to the prescription

  • 2x therapeutic treatment sessions, according to the prescription (deep tissue massage, cranio-cervical massage, relaxing massage or Shiatsu

  • 1x introductory evaluation and advice class with a personal trainer

  • 1x session with a personal trainer may include some of these disciplines: stretching, power plate, kinesis, electro-stimulation

  • 2x body & mind sessions, according to the prescription: yoga, meditation, mindfulness

  • Anti-aging report and personalized health plan after your stay

  • 1x IV Chelation therapy (heavy metal toxicity)

  • 2x IV nutrition and detoxification

  • 1x initial IV Stem Cell application

  • 1x IV Stem Cell Therapeutic saturation

  • 1x range of tea from our TCM Tea Collection

  • Relaxation activities: talks, walks, healthy cooking classes; yoga, Pilates or stretching sessions, etc

  • Physical analysis (30 min)

  • 2x Personal Training Sessions (50 min)

  • 2x Private Mindfulness Meditation Sessions (60 min)

  • 1x book The Longevity Biohack 2.0

  • Daily Wellness Classes


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