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Zignagenix-R3 StemCell International Team

Our highly-skilled, multilingual team has over 30 combined years of experience in Anti-aging Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, and Integrative Medicine.

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Chief Scientific Officer

Integrative Regenerative & Anti-aging Medicine

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Ramon De La Puerta, MD 


"I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to train and study with world-renowned physicians, Traditional Oriental Medical doctors, and acupuncturists.

Let me and my team of experienced medical practitioners help you achieve your best in a holistic, integrated way"


Dr. Ramon is known as a pioneer in the field of stem cell therapies in Mexico. With more than 18 years of Medical practice and 5 years in the field of Regenerative and Anti-aging Medicine, his success has its roots in his unique background of expertise in Stem cell biology, Genetics, Traditional and Alternative Therapies, and extensive clinical experience.

Dr. Ramon has a natural and modern view of health and wellness. By applying his knowledge of modern western medicine and alternative therapies he serves the medical team by focusing on the latest trends and therapies in an integrative approach to anti-aging and regenerative medicine.


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Orthopedic Department

Orthopedic Surgery

Arthroscopic Surgery



Anesthesia Department


Pain Management

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Patient Follow-up

Anti-aging Therapies LA

Chiropractic Medicine

Integrative Wellness

and Anti-aging

Javier Perez Domenech, MD


An outstanding Orthopedic Surgeon and Arthorscopist, Dr. Pérez Domenech is an expert in Knee Arthroscopy, Sports Injuries, Rotator Cuff, Articular cartilage injuries, Meniscus Injuries and has more than 10 years of experience. He trained as a Traumatologist and Orthopedist at the National University Autonomous of Mexico (UNAM). Thanks to this, Pérez Domenech is recognized as one of the best doctors specialized in Traumatology and Orthopedics in the city of Tijuana, Baja California.

Leopoldo San Miguel Arrambide, MD


Dr. San Miguel has been practicing medicine for over 25 years. He has collaborated in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, where he is considered a pioneer and innovator in the use of epidural and subarachnoid anesthesia techniques in body contouring surgeries. He developed an ascending subarachnoid anesthetic method as a unique anesthetic method for liposuction, abdominoplasty, and breast procedures.

He presented this technique at an international congress in 2008, where he demonstrated his personal experience in more than 1800 procedures with this technique; he introduced this technique in 2000 in Cuba after giving a workshop of ascending subarachnoid anesthesia in body contouring, abdomen and breast surgeries.

Chett Mallett, DC


Featuring highly respected, Dr. Chett Mallett DC, one of LA Magazine’s Top Chiropractors (2019), who’s been in chiropractic and functional medicine for over twenty years and has been featured for his expertise on several syndicated television shows; including The Doctors.

Dr. Chett’s elements include; chiropractic adjustments, state-of-the-art diagnostics (includes micronutrient to bioresonance testing), unique PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequencies) therapies and tailored pharmaceutical-grade supplement protocols designed especially for you; from only hand-selected suppliers. The grouping of elements is to ease your transition to health and sustain it for years to come.


Medical Director

Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine

Ivan del Portillo Pacheco, MD

"My goal: to perform and develop my professional skills in a company that offers perspective and professional promotion, as well as teamwork with the rest of the members of the same company."

Born in Mexico City and raised in Tijuana B.C., Graduated from the Autonomous University of Baja California, School of Medicine, with experience in intra and extra hospital attention, have worked for several enterprises like Honeywell, Resideo, and Calimax as a general practitioner and Industrial Doctor, have also worked as a hospitalist at Tecate General Hospital, My Doctor Bariatric and Cosmetic Hospital, and Tijuana Nephrological Institute.


Dr. Ivan is certified in Aesthetic Medicine from INNOVA University. "I have a passion for Aesthetic and Regenerative medicine, I'm always trying to be up to date on this topic and the most current advancements upon these years."

Recently added to R3 stem cell International Dr. Ivan strives to provide the best medical care available, with excellence and professionalism.


Clinic Director

Abril Campos Piñuelas

My name is Abril Campos but most call me April, I was born and raised in my beautiful Tijuana Baja California, Mexico, where I have lived my whole life and love it's beaches, restaurants, the hospitality, perfect weather and the convenient proximity to the beautiful San Diego California where I have been lucky to visit throughout my whole life.


I've worked over 25 years as a Customer Service/Inside Sales Rep for the manufacturing industry until 2018 when life brought me to BeNaturalMed to work with Dr. Ramon De La Puerta as his right hand and personal assistant, where I make sure that every appointment runs smoothly and every patient is pleased and happy with our service.


Working with Dr. Ramon has been life-changing as I get to witness all our patients improve their health and lives with Stem Cells and being part of the team that makes this possible for our patients gives me a wonderful self-rewarding feeling, it's such a pleasure for me to provide to our patients the feeling of security coming into Tijuana and helping them with transportation from and to San Diego.


I feel blessed to say I love my job and I look forward to continuing to work with Dr. Ramon and give every patient a great experience.

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