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Beware of Testosterone Clinics


There are three types of clinics in the industry of Testosterone Replacement Therapy:


  • Clinics that overcharge

  • Clinics that claim to have an affordable price but do not prescribe sufficient medication

  • Clinics that are ethical and put patients before profits


Clinics that Overcharge


If you were to call one of these clinics, they would be extremely vague about their pricing. They will do everything within their power to get you in their front door without ever disclosing what the end pricing will be.


Example: After treatment is started, a patient would pay anywhere from $1500 to $6000 upfront for their prescription without ever having follow-up physicals or labs. The biggest problem with this scenario is that no one can know if the medication is benefiting the patient without the proper follow-up labs and physicals.



Clinics that Claim to Have an Affordable Price


The majority of these claims are just what they are, claims. You will see advertisements for $149, $150, and even $195 while doing your research. However, the truth is that you will find a vast majority of these types of clinics just prescribing the minimum amount of medication or do not prescribe the proper medication at all.


Example: After calling and asking these clinics about what is included in the price of treatment, many of the responses would be “it would depend on what the doctor recommends.” We have seen that some of these clinics only prescribe 1/3 of a cc of testosterone per week or every other week without the critical supporting medications. When you ask these clinics if they prescribe other medications with the hormone therapy, the answer is usually “it depends on whether the doctor recommends it.”


These medications are essential to medications it is almost a sure guarantee, while on testosterone treatment, that your body will stop producing its own natural testosterone, causing the LH to shut down. It is also a fact that the testicles will begin to shrink if the proper medication is not taken. If an estrogen blocker is not taken, your estrogen levels will begin to rise. The problem with high estrogen in men is the ultimate loss of most, if not all of their libido. the therapy. Without the use of other



Clinics that are Ethical and Put Patients before Profits


These clinics will not be vague. They will be open and honest about the cost and treatment. A good clinic will not be focused on profits but driven by patient care and providing attention and detail to each patient’s individual needs. At BeNatural we do just that. We guarantee that you will know what our service costs and exactly what is included upfront. We have 100% patient satisfaction and strive to provide the best service possible.


When you decide to call other clinics we encourage you to ask them how they compare to BeNatural. Ask other clinics if they can compete with our pricing and medical care.


Do not be surprised to hear other clinics try to slander Zignagenix by saying obscene things like “Zignagenix uses weak drugs from China, does not use FDA approved medication”, or some other insane allegations. It is to be noted that Zignagenix only uses nationally known pharmacies throughout the United States and Mexico who only use FDA-approved medication.



*Specific results are not guaranteed. Individual results may vary.


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