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Pricing $550.00 initial investment and $150.00 per Month includes the following:

  • All physical examinations.

  • All lab testing.

  • All patient consultations.

  • A complete therapeutic testosterone program, which consists of three main medications. *For example, a standard program usually consists of the following:


1. Testosterone Pellets made to your specific needs.

2. Human Growth Hormone injections once per month.

3. Estrogen Blocker prescription per month.

4. Specialized Nutrition plan.

5. Supplement prescription.

6. Personalized exercise routines.


*Please, note that dosage may change depending on the patient’s profile and doctor’s guidelines.



Our program works as follows:


1. The initial consultation includes:

• Review of the patient’s medical history.
A comprehensive panel of labs. 
• Physical examination.
• Physician’s consultation.


2. A complete therapeutic testosterone therapy program will be designed by our doctors to meet the needs of each individual patient to maximize his treatment results.


3. Once the Doctors have designed an individualized program for the patient and placed the Bioidentical Hormone Pellets, the medication will be shipped from the pharmacy to the patient’s home or office.

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