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"Anti-aging Medicine is an extension of preventive healthcare. It is the next great model of Healthcare"

More than one billion people worldwide will be over 60 years of age, so prevention of chronic and degenerative diseases will be the main objective for the common good of all developed societies and Anti-Aging Medicine will become an integral part of the preventive and therapeutic perspective. BeNatural, a group of leading experts in the field, takes a rational, scientific and methodical approach to aging, based on the latest scientific discoveries as well as ancient wisdom from the world of integrative medicine.


Dr. Ramon and his experienced physicians at Zignagenix offer a new concept of health and wellness presented through a holistic vision that, on the one hand, touches various aspects of aging: lifestyle, physical, genetic, psychological, nutritional, emotional, and energetic factors, and, on the other hand, therapeutic interventions focused on the integration of Western and Eastern medicine in a multidisciplinary approach to health management. “Integrative Medicine has enabled us to take a more natural approach to therapeutic interventions,” Dr. Ramon says.


As people live longer lives, the need for anti-aging procedures has increased. Taking advantage of the latest technologies such as stem-cell therapies, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, nutritional expertise, exercise and nutritional supplements can help the individual stay in optimal performance and health for a longer time. “A healthy, active lifestyle, a well-balanced diet, and dietary supplements integrated from an early age are able to modify the quality and life expectancy,” adds Dr. Ramon


In this millennium, the physician will become a “life & health coach” who will develop a close relationship with his patients to proactively prevent and treat any condition before it becomes a problem; and will create an intelligent plan to age well so that their patients are able to work hard and play hard longer.


Bioidentical Hormonal Therapy & Supplementation for Men and Women


Lifestyle, environmental exposures, genetics, and your health history can all influence hormones in various ways. An unbalance of hormones can lead to a variety of symptoms, including abdominal discomfort, joint/muscle pain and stiffness, muscle loss, breast tenderness, bloating, irritability, sadness, water retention, weight gain, and loss of libido. 

Hormone therapy programs aren't just for women. Bio-identical hormone therapy is enriching the lives of both men and women by replacing the hormones the body needs to function. By bringing the hormones to levels that yield superior health outcomes, you can reverse the aging process and improve your quality of life, including increased sexual potency and frequency, higher energy levels, improved attitude, increased bone density, decreased body fat, increased resistance to common illness and improved skin elasticity. 

Anti-aging Clinic offers a personalized, medically supervised program, as well as customized fitness and nutrition programs for both men and women suffering from hormonal imbalance. We provide a natural treatment for the symptoms of andropause and menopause, helping our patients regain their health and confidence.

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