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Ready to change your life and achieve your true health potential?


Discover the difference proven Medical Science, Smart Doctors, Extensive Expertise and Authority can make.

At Zignagenix our physicians offer customized solutions tailored to your health and longevity needs. Unlock your health potential today and regain the power and vigor of your youth. Increase your energy and stamina, improve libido, decrease body fat, attack Low Testosterone, and extend your health span all within the Zignagenix Elite Health program... Prevent your risk factor for Heart Disease and Stroke and delve deep into your internal health span to achieve your full health potential.



Testosterone Replacement


Are you experiencing?


  • Decreased libido/sex drive

  • Decreased energy

  • Decreased strength/endurance

  • Decreased strength of erections

  • Deterioration in the ability to play sports

  • Deterioration in work performance

  • Emotional changes (frequent anger, decrease in life enjoyment)

  • Evening fatigue

  • Reduced quality of sleep

  • High cholesterol

  • Hair Loss


In men, the decline in testosterone secretion that accom­panies middle age is called andropause (male menopause). Men begin to experience these unpleasant hormone deficien­cies between the ages of 30 and 45.


During this time, men begin to experience decreased drive and motivation. They find it harder to stay focused and sharp. They begin to feel the aging process. By age 50, testosterone levels deteriorate to 50 percent of what they were at age 20.


However, male hormonal imbalances can be easily and safely restored with transdermal testosterone replacement. Dr. Ramon can personalize a Bio-Identical Hormone Replace­ment Therapy program to optimize your health and well be­ing, and prevent the physical, emotional and mental effects of andropause.


Testosterone is the solution to decreased sex drive in middle age men:


Transdermal Testosterone is the easiest way to increase sexual desire and performance for men as they get older. The decreased sexual drive and less than satisfying sexual per­formance that arrives with middle-age is normal. It is caused by decreasing levels of testosterone that actually starts in the early 30’s.


Transdermal testosterone cream is the safe natural alterna­tive to testosterone injections. Until recently, testosterone replacement for men required shots every few weeks, given in the doctor’s office. Now, men can treat themselves with testosterone cream at home.


Testosterone is better than Prozac:


     Mild depression, frequently perceived as a feeling of apathy and loss of drive, is common in men as they ap­proach their forties. This is caused by a decrease in tes­tosterone, but frequently is treated with antidepressants that cause unpleasant side effects. Testosterone supple­mentation is the real solution. It restores the youthful vigor and zest for life. 


Benefits of Testosterone Replacement


· Increased sex drive           

· Increased muscle mass  

· Increased energy

· Increased results from exercise

· Improved sense of well-being

· Improved focus/concentration

· Increased skin thickness and reduced wrinkling

· Decreased cholesterol 

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