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Stem Cell Therapy for Sports Injury, Joint Pain & Inflammation

Both joint injuries and degeneration are frequent and have limited effective therapy options. Regenerative, cellular level therapies for joint pain are urgently needed both for injuries but also for age-related degenerative osteoarticular problems. Knee and other joint applications are among the most applied and researched fields for stem cell therapies.

BeNatural-R3 StemCell International offers a unique program with all types of stem-cells transplants and injections of the highest quality which have proven efficacious combined in a program that is designed for maximal effect.

Should you require more information on our stem cell-based treatments for sports injuries and joint pain, then please feel free to contact us.

Stem Cell treatments for Knee Injuries, 
Chronic Syndromes and Degeneration

  • Arthritis

  • Meniscus Tear

  • ACL, MCL, PCL or LCL sprain or tear

  • Patellofemoral Syndrome / Chondomalacia

  • Pes anserine bursitis, Baker’s cyst and others

  • Patellar tendonitis, Hamstrings Tendinopathy, and Biceps Femoris Insertional Tendinopathy

"Just got my shots 2 days ago from the Tijuana site. Got shots on my 2 shoulders, 2 knees, and right hip. The only pain I have are from the shots but they were tolerable. Dr. Ramon and his staff were great, informative, and professional. Spent some time getting to know Dr Ramon and I like his approach to life–from his dedication to his family, his belief of doing good to everyone/your neighbor, and his continuous research to stay ahead in his profession"

Edward L.


Stem Cell Treatment for Osteoarthritis (OA): 
Treat the Disease, not the Symptoms

Osteoarthritis is a leading cause of pain and disability across the world. With the population getting older and the increasing desire for individual freedom at older ages, new therapeutic approaches are urgently needed. 

Current therapies are mainly targeting the symptoms, however, none are able to structurally modify the processes of OA or prevent the disease's progression. Stem cell therapies have yielded impressive results in regenerating damaged tissues, and partly reverting the underlying aging and immunologically-related processes of osteoarthritis. 

With the next generation of stem cell-based therapies, the BeNatural-R3 StemCell International Clinic, in combination with conventional therapeutic measures, offer a novel regenerative approach to treating Osteoarthritis. 

Recent evidence-based scientific research has shown that stem cell-based therapies are able to effectively modulate the immune responses of OA, regenerate lost nerve supply, differentiate into chondrocytes (the cells that produce cartilage), etc., and offerlong lasting effects for treating OA, as compared to standard medications (like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as 'NSAIDs') which only temporarily mask the symptoms. 


Osteoarthritis is mainly considered a cause of aging, where aging itself is a complicated process which is not entirely understood. Younger people sometimes get early osteoarthritis, primarily in the form of joint injuries or excessive strain.



Risk factors are:


  • Joint injury

  • Joints that are deformed

  • Genetic defects related to joint cartilage

  • Stress on the joints from certain jobs or sports

  • Being overweight

  • Getting older

Osteoarthritis treatment has four main goals:


  • Control of the pain

  • Improve joint function

  • Keep a healthy body weight

  • Achieve a healthy lifestyle

Why choose BeNatural-R3 International Stem Cell Center for Regenerative Medicine?


  •  Located in Tijuana, less than 20 minutes from the San Diego International Airport

  • Transportation to the clinic and back to San Diego

  •  Individualized therapy with state-of-the-art stem cell products

  •  Individually planned State of the Art diagnostic work-up 

  •  High-quality standard on safety and quality assurance

  •  Personal concierge service with friendly, dedicated Patient Care Managers

  •  Scientific collaborations with academic institutions to assure you the latest regenerative medical program

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