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The Plan: "Our support team gets to work for you & your health"


                             PHASE 3: Professional Team Implementation



Dr Ramon and the rest of the BeNatural team understand that identifying underlying health problems and designing a customized recommendation plan is only half the battle. Deploying that plan and remaining accountable is where the real challenge begins. To help ensure that you make the most of your Longevity PowerTrip program, each one of our clients has access to an ongoing professional support team that includes Dr. Ramon’s certified integrative health coach, a BeNatural nutritionist, and a medically educated physical trainer, as needed. Through a series of lessons, check-ins and progress reports, you will be personally supported in overcoming obstacles to behavior change so that each one of Dr. Ramon’s recommendations becomes part of your daily regimen. Longevity PowerTrip will gradually transform from a new program to a permanent lifestyle. You will no longer make best guesses as to what you should be doing, eating and taking. You’ll have a data-driven plan based around your own physiology, in order to live your life with purpose and conviction that you’re doing all you can for optimal health.


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