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"Advanced Diagnostics: A deeper, more specific health & fitness assessment"

                      PHASE 1: State of the Art Diagnostics


A treatment is only as good as the diagnostic work-up that took place prior to it. The diagnostic work-up reveals the nature of the disease and the extent to which is has affected the patient. The best individualized treatment option for a patient can only be determined when all the relevant information from the diagnostic phase is obtained. A detailed and specialized diagnostic work-up is thus an indispensable prerequisite for any kind of effective therapy. To find out what is best for you, our specialists will proceed with a diagnostic work-up of your whole body before deciding on the optimal treatment for you.


BeNatural goes well beyond the basic medical testing you receive in your routine annual physical because we know that most diseases won’t be caught – much less prevented – through the standard of care testing established by the American Academy of Antiaging Medicine. The Longevity PowerTrip program leverages recent breakthroughs in medical technology to evaluate risk for cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and other common, very challenging diseases. BeNatural also detects hidden imbalances in your genetic, nutritional and hormonal profiles that could be affecting your ability to achieve peak performance – whether in the bedroom, the boardroom, or on the playing field.


Cardiovascular Testing:

  • Advanced heart disease risk panel

  • Advanced heart attack and stroke risk imaging


Nutritional Testing:

  • Vitamin and micronutrient levels

  • Antioxidant strength >> Assesses strength of immune system


Genetic Testing:

  • Genes determining cancer, heart disease, and dementia risk

  • Diet, exercise and supplement recommendations based on your genes


Body Composition Assessment:

  • Body fat and lean mass percentage

  • Bone health >> Assesses osteoporosis risk


Anti-Aging Testing:

  • Telomere length >> Shows biological aging

  • Oxidative stress >> Another measure of cellular aging


Hormone Analysis:

  • Sex hormones (Testosterone, Estrogen, etc) >> Assesses sexual function and ability to build muscle

  • Stress hormones >> Assesses ability to cope with stress

  • Adrenal and melatonin function >> Assesses energy levels and sleep health

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