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The 15 best anti-aging supplements

Do you often worry about getting old?

Have you ever dreamed of a magic pill that can slow down the aging process and keep you looking young for longer?

Whether pollution in the environment or the type of food we eat every day, we are aging faster than ever.

So how can we combat this problem? Is there any anti-aging supplement that is useful? Yes there are! And this post talks about 15 of these supplements, which we can use to try and slow the aging process.

What are anti-aging supplements?

Antiaging supplements are those that stand out for their physiological benefits, which go beyond supplements. These nutrients are known for their anti-aging effect, leading many people to reconsider their use, as these can help to slow the effects of time, reducing or preventing wrinkles and signs of aging.

If you maintain a balanced and nutrient-rich diet, antiaging supplements can be very convenient, not only for your well-being and health, but also for aesthetics, helping to maintain a youthful appearance for longer.


Supplements as support to reach your goals, but they should not be considered totally responsible for your health and fitness. Along with good supplementation, diet can reduce inflammation, so we must also balance the intake of fats, fibers and other nutrients.

In this way, it is necessary to prioritize the consumption of fruits and vegetables, in addition to assessing the natural sources of nutrients. It is also important to note that the drastic reduction in calorie consumption can also impair the effectiveness of these supplements.

Supplements and foods act as allies so that later ones are better utilized. The caloric amount of the diet can vary greatly in each case, so diet and supplementation should be done under the supervision of professional.

Physical training

Regular practice of physical activity can reduce the risk of serious illness, but we know that aging is inevitable, so we should look for the best way to healthy aging. Exercise can reduce stress, optimize the effects of anti-aging supplements, and reduce the evidence of age. While training promotes innumerable benefits, it also stimulates the production of free radicals, these substances may be responsible for cell aging, so excess exercise has caused concern when coupled with anti-aging strategies.

Before going on to describe skin health and beauty supplements and antiaging, you must remember that before taking any supplement, although completely natural, you have to consult your doctor, who will determine with certainty whether you need to use dietary supplements and, their daily dose.

Consider the supplements discussed below and try to associate them with foods that can boost them for increased benefits. Remember: results should not be assigned to supplements only. In order for them to act in favor of the organism, good habits (such as exercise, adequate sleep, drinking water) and healthy eating are essential.

What are the types of anti-aging supplements?

Vitamin D. Sunscreen in capsules

Although it sounds strange, vitamin D capsules can not only aid in skin health, but offer benefits similar to collagen supplements. The positive effects extend to the prevention of wrinkles and sagging, which can be very convenient for those who have excess skin due to excessive weight loss.

Vitamin D can also help prevent the effects of sunlight by acting on UV radiation. It is said to act as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Also this supplementation may be a possible alternative to reduce the rate of Skin Cancer. As for the dose, 5 mcg per day is recommended, and supplementation is recommended always before being exposed to the sun's rays.

Vitamin C

It is already one of the most used for those who seek to prevent workout fatigue. Vitamin C capsules can help by reducing the oxidative stress of cells, in addition to benefiting the regeneration, not only of the skin, but of the cells, in general. Your recommended daily intake is 100 mg.

Vitamin E

It is obtained in foods such as olive oil, peanuts, walnuts, or even corn and whole grains, vitamin E stands out as an anti-aging supplement. Its benefits are also directed to the health of the skin, and is very convenient for those who care about wrinkles, early. The recommended daily dose is 5 mcg.


Its supplementation is not very common, but it is a very interesting amino acid for the synthesis of proteins; and then, favoring the anabolic effect. It is recommended for the treatment of wound healing and better body hydration, in addition to making wrinkles less obvious. The recommended daily allowance is 1,500 mg per day.


Creatine supplementation is consumed with the focus on muscle growth, favoring protein synthesis and improving performance in workouts. These benefits may seem to be enough, but Creatine stands out as one of the main anti-aging supplements, as it can help in better cognitive function, improving memory capacity, also increasing the life span.

This supplement has proven very useful if consumed during the treatment of diseases such as Parkinson's, as it reduces the degeneration of muscle mass.


Selenium may not be one of the most talked about minerals, but it is considered extremely useful for the synthesis of proteins, thus, its anabolic effect. Selenium can be beneficial for health, as it strengthens the immune system with anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory action, favoring the blood circulation and cardiovascular system.

For those who are struggling with the balance, or even have problems with the thyroid, know that the mineral can help in those conditions, inducing good metabolic functioning, and burning caloric. The recommended daily intake of Selenium is 34 mcg.


Nutritionists believe that the best source of resveratrol is grapefruit, but if you opt for supplementation, you should know that it is a polyphenol important for the health of the cardiovascular system, reducing the incidence of development of diseases such as Alzheimer, and even Cancer.

For those suffering from blood pressure problems, this supplementation can support balance and better blood circulation. Average servings of 20 mg per day are recommended.

Coenzyme Q-10

Coenzyme Q-10 is naturally produced by our body. Cells use this nutrient for energy production, also acting as an excellent antioxidant. This nutrient is important for the fight against free radicals that can harm health.

Its supplementation may be convenient for those who wish to lose weight, by acting on the balance of metabolism, but can also contribute to the health of the skin and cardiovascular system.


In addition to being indicated for the best use of fat as a source of energy, carnitine also influences the health of the kidneys and liver. In terms of health conditions, it can be said that carnitine supplementation reduces the possibility of chest pains and helps in the treatment of angina, Alzheimer's and depression.


This mineral is indicated to delay the effects of aging, since it benefits the health of the skin, but its supplementation is more common for the better control of the levels of sugar in the bloodstream. Chromium is indicated as one of the best supplements to make use of the insulin, and its recommended daily portion is 35 mcg.


Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that can reduce the evidence of aging. It occurs naturally in the liver, from three amino acids, including Cysteine, and its consumption is indicated for body detoxification, helping in the protection of white and red blood cells.


This hormone is one of the main supplements indicated for the anti-aging effect. It can be produced naturally, but the booster may favor the neurological and immune system, plus benefits such as better sleep quality and aid in weight control. It is a powerful antioxidant and is said to be released every night.

Melatonin is very important for recovery and a better quality of sleep, so it helps to avoid numerous chronic diseases. The recommended daily dose is 5 - 10 mg per night.


This substance is an interesting combination of important amino acids for the body. Carnosine levels decrease, according to age, then supplementation becomes gradually more interesting.

However, this supplement can protect against the oxidation of muscle cells, strengthening the health of the muscles, in addition to supporting the best contraction of them, so it is important for young athletes. As you age, you tend to lose lean mass, and Carnosine may protect you from side effects.

Ginkgo Biloba

This anti-aging supplement is highly sought after to prevent cognitive deficiencies. It is said that it can support in the prevention of diseases related to the memory, like Alzheimer. The product can be very interesting, not only for those who want to protect memory for the future, but also to improve current cognitive performance.


Varicose veins are common problems among the elderly, and that supplement can benefit the health of the heart, the lungs, and especially the tissues. They can develop according to malnutrition, excess weight and other different conditions. Hesperidin is a flavonoid that can be found in citrus fruits, especially in the shells.

This supplement can improve blood circulation, reducing the appearance of clots and inflammations. The daily consumption of 50 mg of Hespiridine is recommended, and its effects can be boosted, if allied to the Diosmin supplement.

What supplements to use?

Obviously, the market offers numerous quality supplement options, and we also know that they can be excellent tools, not only to support our physical endurance, but in overall health as well.

However, a prior medical evaluation is essential to identify which of these anti-aging supplements are indicated not only for your physical goals but also for your nutritional needs. There are many options available; talk to your family doctor to choose the best supplementation to prevent accelerated aging and maintain optimum health.

Call us if you have questions.

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