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The Integrative Facelift



What is the Integrative Facelift(TM)?


The Integrative Facelift (TM) is our signature non surgical, al natural Integrative Facial Rejuvenation protocol, developed by Dr. Ramon De La Puerta, MD(DACM). It consists on two very simple procedures that complement each other synergistically to provide a hollistic, natural, nos invasive facelift.


Dr. De La Puerta combines his Trademarked Cosmetic Acupuncture Protocol with the clinically proven bennefits of Platelet Rich fibrin matrix, or a propietary multi nutrient serum, applied with microneedle technology.


The term integrative medicine is defined by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health of the United States stating that "Integrative medicine combines conventional medical therapies and MAC therapies for which there is some scientific evidence of the highest quality, safety and effectiveness".

Why does skin age?:


The skin is the organ that best reflects the effects of the passage of time. Ultraviolet radiation, excess consumption of alcohol, tobacco abuse, environmental pollution, among others, are also factors that "speed" the clock of time and cause premature aging of the skin.


Also, few people know that the increase in body weight and blood sugar levels can also make the skin age prematurely.


Physiologically, aging is associated with loss of fibrous tissue, the slower rate of cell renewal, and the reduction of glandular and vascular network. The barrier function that maintains cellular hydration is also impaired. Depending on genetics and lifestyle, normal physiological functions of the skin may decrease to 50% until middle age.

The seven signs of aging are:


  • Wrinkles and expression lines

  • Uneven skin texture 

  • Uneven pigmentation

  • Lack of luminosity

  • Visible pores

  • Age spots

  • Dryness and tightness of the skin


More on Aging Skin...

Benefits of the Integrative Facelift(TM):

  • Method less aggressive to the skin and tissues, compared to other more invasive and more radical.

  • Promotes organic balance because, in addition to the cosmetic benefit, cosmetic acupuncture restores energy balance, taking care of minor complaints related to the health of the patient.

  • Longer lasting results. It's not symptomatic treatment, in regards to the laws of traditional Chinese medicine, si the achieved balance keeps the results manifested in appearance until the body enters into energy imbalance.

  • Promotes a natural facelift. By toning or sedation of specific points, promotes muscle balance, keeping the tone achieved by toning Spleen.

  • It does not change the facial expression, especially when compared with other forms of intervention.

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