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Clinic Director

Abril Campos Piñuelas

My name is Abril Campos but most call me April, I was born and raised in my beautiful Tijuana Baja California, Mexico, where I have lived my whole life and love it's beaches, restaurants, the hospitality, perfect weather and the convenient proximity to the beautiful San Diego California where I have been lucky to visit throughout my whole life.


I've worked over 25 years as a Customer Service/Inside Sales Rep for the manufacturing industry until 2018 when life brought me to BeNaturalMed to work with Dr. Ramon De La Puerta as his right hand and personal assistant, where I make sure that every appointment runs smoothly and every patient is pleased and happy with our service.


Working with Dr. Ramon has been life changing as I get to witness all our patients improve their health and lives with Stem Cells and being part of the team that makes this possible for our patients gives me a wonderful self rewarding feeling, it's such a pleasure for me to provide to our patients the feeling of security coming in to Tijuana and helping them with transportation from and to San Diego.


I feel blessed to say I love my job and I look forward to continuing to work with Dr. Ramon and give every patient a great experience.

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